Success Rates: IVF/ICSI - 55%-65%, IUI - 25% The success rates of IVF have been 35-40% in the best of the labs and we have success rates of 55%-65%, which includes all age groups. The success rates of IUI have been a maximum of 15-20% and our IUI success rates are 25%.

Genetic Screening and Testing: We assist in providing Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) tests to detect chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases in embryos.

PGD/PGS can detect chromosomal abnormalities especially in older age group patients and recurrent implantation failure cases, where aneuploidies are common cause of failures. Diseases like Sickle cell anemia and Thalassemia can be detected in embryos before transferring. Hence, only the normal and healthy embryos devoid of the disease are transferred. The only IVF centre offering this facility in Kenya.

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Fertility Point is a fertility centre in Nairobi. Managed by an experienced team of renowned fertility experts, this technologically leading IVF clinic provides the latest advancements in fertility services. Fertility Point delivers high quality, personalized care based on best international practices.

Fertility Point is part of NMC Fertility, one of the largest providers of fertility services in the world. Every year thousands of couples visit our fertility clinics across Europe, GCC and Latin America with the fond hope of fulfilling their dream of parenthood. By using the latest fertility technology and with an absolute focus on quality outcomes, NMC Fertility clinics across the world have laid the foundation for above average success rates, global reputation and patient satisfaction.